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Registrations are only valid for one person - access can not be shared. Full Event and Friday only registrations include free admission to the Australian MedTech Industry Awards. Group Bookings are available for 7 or more attendees from one organisations.

Sessions include:

  • Panel Discussion: Political Update
  • Panel Discussion: PL Reform Overview and Update
  • Panel Discussion: Benefit Review Process & Methodology
  • Panel Discussion: PL Scope & Removals
  • Panel Discussion: PL Processes
  • Panel Discussion: Admin Utilisation and Compliance
Sessions include:
  • Panel Discussion: The Role of the Patient Voice in Health Technology Assessment
  • Interview with Adj Prof John Skerritt – TGA
  • Panel Discussion: How to Leverage Media to Articulate your Message
  • Panel Discussion: Adding more EQ and IQ in Healthcare Services using Digital Health
  • Panel Discussion: Bringing Clinical Trials to Australia
  • Panel Discussion: Value-Based Procurement
  • Med Ed One: Evolution and Revolution
  • Around the World on Regulatory
  • Med Ed Two: The Business of Compliance
  • The Crucial Next Steps for End-to-End Connectivity
  • The Benefits of Workplace Diversity
  • MedTech Europe Update
Sessions include:
  • FDA Update on US Medical Devices
  • How Advocacy can deliver for your MedTech Business
  • Interview with LinkedIn
  • Building a Cyber Community to Protect Healthcare
  • The Importance of using Product, Reimbursement and Regulatory Strategy to your advantage early in Product Development and Commercialisation
  • Lunch Session: Developing Supportive Leadership for Mental Health
  • Australian MedTech Industry Awards

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  • On-Demand Access Post-Conference
  • Free Registration to Industry Awards

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  • Day 3 Registration includes Awards

Group Bookings

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  • Free Registration to Industry Awards